Good dog witnesses

“Good” Dog Witnesses

The fifteen witnesses listed below all had favorable encounters Bane and Hera. These people were called by the defense to counter the impressions given to the jury by the “bad”dog witnesses. With the exception of two witnesses, all encounters occurred away from the apartment building.

 Relationship with Defendants  Testimony
Stephanie Flowers Veterinarian Treated Hera and found her well behaved during examination even with a sensitive procedure like removing a foxtail from her ear.
Alan Paul Owner of a San Francisco pub which defendants frequently patronized with their dogs Paul testified that when defendants were at his pub with the dogs, Bane and Hera were always well behaved and tolerant when strangers came near them
Antionette Creyer Employee at pub owned by Alan Paul  Says Bane and Hera were always well behaved while they were with the defendants at the pub. Creyer would occasionally give the dogs treats. Creyer also testified that the dogs were well-behaved at an outdoor festival where Paul had set-up a beer tasting booth.
 Cristopher Monica  Employee at Mailboxes, Etc. Says Bane and Hera were well-behaved around other customers while defendants made photocopies of legal documents
 Bonnie Seats Friend of the defendants  Encountered Hera in front of the apartment building and testified “Hera was sweet girl … she was just wagging her tail, loving the attention.” Says Hera reacted to her niece in the same way.
 Shelia Segurson Veterinarian Testified that Hera was well-behaved but somewhat shy and timid
 Andrew Sams  Veterinarian  Testified he operated on Bane for knee problems and had no problems
 James O’Brian  Operated an animal transport service; transported dogs from Combes’ farm at request of defendants  Says the dogs were placid and non-aggressive during transport from Coumbs’ farm to Southern California
 Michael Beachnau  Manager at restaurant patronized by defendants Testified that Noel and Knoller were fixtures at his restaurant and defendants kept their dogs outside under a cafe table without problems
 Lefty Prongos  Owner of neighborhood convenience store patronized by defendants Testified that defendants would tie the dogs in front of the store and that they were never a problem; Says he brought his wife to see the dogs and fed them meat by hand
 Heshe Stark  Private investigator who worked for defendants  Testified that Hera was well behaved when defendants visited her apartment with Hera.
 Stephen Tornay  Kennel operator who boarded Bane and Hera shortly before January 26th.  Testified that dogs were “nice” and that Bane was particularly friendly and had a good demeanor.
 Galene Tornay  Wife of  Stephen Tornay Testified that she played with the dogs in the kennel and fed them milk bones without any problems
 Kim Boyd  Client of the defendants  Visited Noel and Knoller in their apartment in December 2000 and testified that the dogs “didn’t do anything.”
 Julianna Jette Friend of Kim Boyd Met dogs at Boyd’s apartment and played with them, along with her 7-year old daughter. Jette described Hera as being very calm.

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