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Q. Was Knoller on top of Whipple during the attack?

A. Only Knoller knows for sure. She has claims that during the attack she was directly on top of Whipple trying to protect Whipple from the onslaught of Bane.

This account was seriously been questioned by the prosecution, however. The strongest evidence to suggest that Knoller was not on top of Whipple comes from her sustaining only a few bites to her body. The behavioral expert for the prosecution, Dr. Randall Lockwood, in his rebuttal testimony, testified that if Knoller was on top of Whipple, he would have expected to see more bite marks on Knoller as a result of Bane’s random, redirected aggression. In other words, if Knoller was between Whipple and Bane, and it Bane was in a frenzy aggressive state, then Bane should have bitten Knoller a significant number of times.

Lockwood did concede however that if Knoller was not directly on top of Whipple, she had to have been closed by. This makes sense given Knoller’s blood soaked clothing and her facial injuries. The fact that Knoller was probably close by, as confirmed by Lockwood, was beneficial testimony for defense because it suggests that Knoller may have been trying to stop the attack rather than standing idly by watching Whipple get mauled to death as the prosecution suggested.

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