unanswered question #13

Q. Did the defendants have sex with their dogs as the prosecution wanted Judge Warren to believe?

A. What were the supposed acts of beastilaity? Essentially, as revealed at a pre-trial evidentary hearing closed to the public, they consisted of several instances where Hera’s face came in contact with Knoller’s genital area. It is likely that these instances occured out of happenstance, however. For example, on one occurrence Knoller was getting out of the shower and Hera approached and explored her private area. In the other instance, Knoller was laying naked in bed and Hera approached and put her head directly into Knoller’s crotch.

Regardless of the reason why these instances happened, Warren refused to allow these events into evidence at trial because of theirs strong prejudicial nature and because these instances probably had nothing to do with the mauling of Whipple.

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