Richard H. Polsky, Ph.D.

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Expert Witness for the defense

Animal Behavior Counseling Services, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA.

Defense arguments

Noel’s Defense

Noel was not present at the time of the mauling

The circumstances that gave rise to the attack were not foreseeable

Only in retrospect (i.e. after the mauling took place) could one appreciate that the dogs were capable of killing.

Knoller’s Defense

Knoller was a hero for trying to save the life of Whipple;

No one had ever complained about Bane and Hera’s past displays of aggression

Bane and Hera were well-behaved and nonaggressive the vast majority of time;

Knoller and Noel were responsible owners who kept Bane and Hera as pets.

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